Aug 8, 2011

Beautiful & Swift: Mindall & Bungall's new evening collection

Completely smitten with this beautiful evening gown, 
full of swirls & twirls in the cut. 
But that glorious colour: a coppery, shimmery burst of fabulousness!
Can you imagine this gown glowing in a room of black tuxedos? 
This is the new evening collection from Leeanne Kennedy, 
under her Mindall & Bungall label.
The fabrics & the cuts have such an earthy glamour to them.

 So perfect for day or night,
this one has got summer written all over it.
Mindall & Bungall translates from Aboriginal to "beautiful & swift".
The label is inspired by the beauty of nature in Australia,
reflected in the dramatic colours & organic patterns.

Just a flash of colour in the underskirt - clever! 
It's a very young label, 
so young that the website isn't quite up yet, 
but you can check out her designs here.

With such beauty in her gowns, 
this is definitely one fashion designer to watch! 

Mindall & Bungall, Sydney.
Website soon to be launched.
Facebook Details here.


  1. So the first one!!

  2. That's my favourite one too! 

  3. That's my favourite one too!

  4. I need a ball to go to :(

    Give me the black ones - I am not boring but love classic! (You know me "miss Audrey, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy...)

    Ok now to plan where I can get dressed up for

    have a lovely day


  5. Adore the first dress. Very pretty and glam!

  6. Mapleandvine8/8/11 4:28 PM

    oo i cant decide which one i love the most. i think it might be the sequins with the underskirt- all gorgeous though!


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