Aug 15, 2011

Beautiful Gates: a Welcoming Gesture

About 15 years ago
I designed these gates for a 1930s bungalow.
The beautiful gables of the house
(to the left)
were repeated in the new garage that I also designed
(you can see it to the right).

Because the gables were such a strong design element,
we repeated them as cutouts in the gates.

And it was delightful to see, 
as I drove past the house on the weekend, 
that the subsequent owners have kept the same gates,
after all these years.

images: blue fruit


  1. Annie Loveridge15/8/11 11:38 AM

    It must be lovely seeing your work still looking perfect today. What great design that they look modern and smart and haven't dated. Very clever! Annie x.

  2. I wish I had had these gates for my last weeks post on iron gates...gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you Annie! I get distressed when we pull out perfectly good building materials just because they are "no longer trendy" so yes, it's simply wonderful that they have stood the test of time. (And will hopefully last much, much longer too!) 

  4. Thank you and your delightful post last week actually gave me the idea of putting these images up - haha! 

  5. Claudia Lane15/8/11 2:20 PM

    Love them! We are in the process of designing our own at the moment...such an important element to me as it adds so much to the street appeal

    Claudia xo

  6. Sure does Claudia - in my opinion gates belong to the street as much as they belong to the house behind them. Symbolically, of course! 

  7. Mapleandvine15/8/11 3:08 PM

    personally i am a white picket fence kinda gal myself!

  8. Ah well, with the right house, a white picket fence can be mightily good. 

  9. i like it! it fits the are of the bungalow

  10. robinsonheather15/8/11 5:18 PM

    Well, of course, they have kept them! They are gorgeous!

  11. It is indeed a lovely gate...

    no wonder the new owners kept it.

    Still looks good to this day.

  12. TamraSanford16/8/11 4:20 AM

    I'm not surprised they kept them!!  They fit perfectly.  Nicely done!

  13. cool timing, i have gates on the mind at the moment!


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