May 23, 2011

Witty handmade Lights inspired by Circuses & Carousels

While hunting for lights for my coastal house project,
I found these amazingly eccentric 
and witty pieces,
handmade by Tammy Smith,
under the Homemade Circus label.
{Hippodrome $250 US}
Inspired by old carnivals & circuses,
Tammy's artworks often have a bird theme too.
{Grow Tree Lamp $175 US}
The detail and humour is fabulous.
Wouldn't they be marvelous in a playroom,
or a children's room?
{The Firecracker Light $300US}
As well as these original lamps, 
she also makes kinetic sculptures, prints & wall-hangings.
{Lighted Circus Cage with Bird $90 US}
"Rat Race" is turned by a crank handle.
Love that!
{The Rat Race $700 US}

Tammy sells her pieces through Etsy, 
as well as at various fairs around the US.

They are just adorable! 


  1. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these! Sensational! Would fit so well in the kids playroom.

  2. I'm loving the 'hippodrome' - I see it on my patio by the old wicker chair. I love its intricate simplicity.

  3. Thank you so much Virginia, for featuring my lamps and lighted sculptures on your beautiful blog! You definitely made my day. Now I'm off to tweet about this blog....
    cheers to you-Tammy

  4. seriously LOVE them.
    maybe i should do one for my showroom??
    wouldn't that be cool and whimsical?
    i loved your comment!

    you definitely give 'good comment'

  5. All lovely, but the Rat Race is my favorite.
    Love your posts, thanks for sharing.
    Wish you a nice week.

  6. Sending these straight to my daughter...she's doing a playroom and these are precious!! Love the fun and whimsy ~

  7. these are so creative! I've never seen anything like them :)

  8. hi Virginia-me again-(circus lamp artist). I just wanted to say that I make my lamps without the electric wiring also in case anyone in Australia or any other country is concerned about that! Thanks again for the lovely post-Tammy Smith

  9. Fantastic! So fun and also a little Tim Burtonesque. A little Jaques Tati too. They remind me of a company that I loved in Avignon, Vox Populi, that seems to have closed shop. So creative. :)

  10. Oooh, I'd crank open my wallet for one of those too! XO, Kelly


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