Mar 9, 2011

Stripes in the making...

Just popped in to see how the painter was
dealing with the little nightmare project
that I have tasked him with.
{I do feel a little guilty...but the result will be worth it!}
You see, the poor thing has to paint
these sensational stripes on a 5 metre high wall, 
to create one of the funkiest pool rooms ever!
All in a gorgeous house that blue fruit is currently working on. 
This is our test wall ~ which has turned out 
so fabulously he now has to don ladder and 
do the rest of the wall. 
It's going to look AMAZING, 
and I am SO excited....

Images: blue fruit


  1. lol! you wicked designer! looking forward to seeing the finished shot.

  2. You are mean lol bring out the artist in the painter....can't wait to see it done!

  3. I love it...can't wait to see it finished!!

  4. Olá Virginia! Com certeza vai ficar maravilhoso e é claro que voltarei para ver! O seu blog é muito interessante, sempre que puder passarei por aqui. Obrigada por sua visita! E espero que tenha tido um dia lindo!!!! Beijos, Virginia.

  5. What a fantastic blog you have Virginia and I love your sense of humour too - now... I have to ask - is the painter still speaking to you?!!

  6. The result will be well worth your painter's curses!! would love to see how it all turns out!! xx meenal

  7. brilliant!!!

    he'll thank you for encouraging him to be soo creative later!!!

    love it!!

    melissa x

  8. Oh, I agree that it is going to look fantastic but I sure am glad to not have to be the one to do it!

  9. Now i could steal this idea-i love it!! I wonder if your painter is as excited as i am:-). Can't wait to see the end results! XX

  10. I never met a stripe I didn't like & yours I love. What a fabulous pool room it's going to be. I will be anxious to see the finished project.

    Have a wonderful weekend Virginia! ~ Deb

    (thanks for your great comment this week)


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