Mar 18, 2011

Sakura wishes for Japan

I know this is the bloggers' day of silence, 
but I felt that it would be ok 
to break the silence, 
to let this voice be heard. 

Chika lives in Nagano, Japan, and 
she writes a very pretty foodie/ travel blog 
Her heartbreaking message on twitter
says so much.

Chika has set up a competition
to encourage people to help support
Japan, in any way we can. 
And as a gesture of thanks, 
she is giving away the most beautifully 
poignant symbol of spring,
the sakura, or cherry blossom,
in the form of sakura baking ingredients.
So far, she has raised over $4,000.

As Chika says, 

"There is this old saying in Japanese, "winter always turns to spring". Even when the life is hard, we will not give up hope and hold out until it gets warm and things ease up. That's exactly where we stand now, except we must make every efforts to make winter turn to spring."

So what could be more symbolic than the 
beautiful cherry blossom of Japan? 

Go here or here to find details about Chika's
campaign and competition.

With wishes that spring is just around the corner for Japan.


  1. Chika's words made me cry..."winter always turns to spring"...such a beautiful message of eternal symbolic of the amazing spirit of the people of Japan...thanks for sharing is heart warming to see so many peopl doing their bit to reach out and help...xx meenal

  2. how much sadder can the world become?

    i am praying for the suffering.

  3. Oh, God! I pray for them all the time, Japanese are such a fabulous people, they will certainly get over this tragedy with their unbreakable spirit and our help.
    Japaneses are in my heart and in my mind.
    Have a nice day.

  4. This post is really nice! great support! May God bless and help all of suffering! I love your comments that you leave me! thank you!

  5. How beautifully Chika describes their struggle, and to think that she can find these graceful words in a time like now..!
    Japan has my heart and my compassion, and I pray that all of what is evolving will stop and all will be well again.

    Thank you for sharing this. I am now off to her blog.

    Lots of love and thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my post re. 'Elvis'.

    xx Charlotta

  6. I admire their optimism and bright outlook in life. It is amazing that the people continue to remain calm and disciplined amidst all the destruction. Hope the situation gets better soon, Kellie xx

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. It moved me so much and inspired me as well. I think it says so much about what "strength" can be that Chika is continuing on with her project despite her fears...

    I also wanted to say thank you for all of your support for my little blog--I always love your comments.

    Hope you have had a nice weekend!


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