Mar 8, 2011

A Quiet Beauty....

Come inside the glossy black door.
I want to take you on a journey,
into a home that is warm and quietly beautiful.
Designed by Mim Studio, 
the RG Residence has an underlying hint 
of sultry darkness to give it a moody quietness,
creating cosy corners for brooding reflections.
Splashes of bright coloured artworks glow 
against the tightly disciplined colour palette 
of light timbers and earthy greys.

With large windows to bring in fabulous light, 
there is a great play between spaces that are 
darkly moody and those that are brightly illuminated,
reflecting the light from the palest of pale stones.
A perfectly, quietly beautiful home.
Can you imagine curling up on this chair?

Images: Mim Studio, Melbourne


  1. LOVE the dining table and the lights over it.
    LOVE the colour palette in the bedroom - very soothing.
    LOVE the internal courtyard - reminds me of our house in Heidelberg which also had one.
    BUT .. mostly LOVE the bathroom. Have added that to my 'must use for inspiration' when doing our main bathroom.

    Great post Virginia (-:

  2. I am totally digging the artwork in this home! It kept popping out at me :) My eyes kept popping out at the cleanliness and lack of clutter, awesome! Now if only my brain could look like that bathroom....if only my inbox was a cleared out as that entry!! Wonderful :)

  3. Thats a lovely home....needs just a touch of warmth to be perfect..!! thanks for sharing!! do swing by my blog sometime!! xx meenal

  4. Love this Modern home. The dark elements, the modern touches and that it is so neat and clean yet feels homey!

  5. this post is great! beautiful spaces! thank you for your comments! i'm always so happy to know what you think!

  6. Oh, this house is amazing, so contemporary and cozy at the same time, très chic. MIM works are great.
    Love the last pic.

  7. Love what appears to be their liquor cabinet! And yes I can imagine being in the chair enjoying the courtyard for hours!

  8. That painting in the dining room is so perfect and I love that mirrored curio cabinet!


  9. Love the gorgeous stoned patio and the ladder! So cute!

  10. Yes I can imagine lounging on that chair and relishing a warm evening. This is a truly lovely home. You're right about the warmth; people sometimes mistaken black and white and gray to be a bit cold. It is not the case here..

  11. Did someone say light timbers and earthy greys,,,,,I just had to come look! What a wonderful tour.

  12. Love it!!!! great blog!! xx


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