Mar 16, 2011

Portfolio Update and an Article

The portfolio of the blue fruit website
has just been updated,
along with a fresh new look for the site.
 In the process, I was amazed just 
how lucky I have been to have 
worked with some incredible clients 
on some amazing projects. 

If you would like to see 
a little more, 
jump to the portfolio section of blue fruit.

And I was thrilled to have recently appeared
in an article in Mornington Life. 
The article has been uploaded 
onto the blue fruit website,
so if you want to have a gander, 
jump to blue fruit media.

Images: blue fruit;


  1. The updated website looks fabulous and congrats on the Mornington Life article!!

  2. Going for a look now .. well done, no doubt it was a tonne of hard work (-:

  3. Oh my! You are beautiful and so is your work!! Bravo, bravo!!! I loved the article and the portfolio section is looking wonderful. Those quotes you have flash are amazing :) Good for you, so glad to have you in my blogging world XO, Kelly

  4. Heading over to have a it's great!

  5. Lovely to see the face behind blue look beautiful!! love the updated website..and congratulations on your article!! xx meenal

  6. The website looks absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to the article...Congratulations!


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