Mar 4, 2011

Just darling curvaceous Art Deco at Darling Point...

I have a bit of a soft spot 
for the sensuous curvy lines & inherent glamour
of Art Deco buildings. 
Especially the Ocean Liner inspired treasures that have
steel~framed curved corner windows. 
Oh my! The thickly rounded glass makes my heart flutter. 
Well, if you can imagine seeing this view
at the bottom of your garden each afternoon... 
... you can purchase your very own slice of 
Art Deco living in this richly~detailed house
for sale at Darling Point, in Sydney.
I think that in this house, the obligatory welcome drink
should be a Bombay Sapphire dry martini.
Would you like yours served on the lawn?
Or perhaps served in here, 
so that we can enjoy the harbour breeze 
while sipping our cocktails. 
And we must remember to only ever
wear red lips and nails
because drama is always required in Art Deco.
A lovely little piece of history, 
and I truly hope that whoever buys it, 
will treasure it as the fabulous slice of architectural 
providence that it is. 

Would you like to live here?

Images: property agents Pillinger Properties;


  1. Definately on the lawn with a G&T for me.
    And yes, I could SO live here - even if just to admire the view.
    Great home, great find - and have a great weekend (-:

  2. I hope that whoever buys it hires you to do the interior design since you so clearly get the spirit of the place. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Can you imagine waking up to that view? In a bias cut silk nightgown of course, it's Art Deco!

  3. Oh I did an Art Deco post last summer. I can't get enough of that period. I just LOVE it. Love this and I can spend every moment taking in every detail of it. Of course I would love to live there!! I gotta work on the red lipstick gig though. I always look like a crazy person when I try to pull that off. It bleeds really bad and I get food stuck to my lips. Clearly I need to consult a beauty counter! XO

  4. Looks sensational! Thanks for sharing... I enjoyed your post!
    In reply to your post 'would you live here' defiantly!]


  5. oh my, what a house! spectacular is the word. pity about the gawd awful furniture & decor. what antiques are doing in a 1920s art deco modern building i don't know! i think the cream exterior can go too.. think i'd like to see it a crisp white with the amazing steel framed doors and windows painted black. ok that's enough from me :)

  6. Seems oh-so fancy for me.. but I'd love to stay for a good week or two and live the fantasy :)


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