Mar 17, 2011

Inspired by a touch of Green for St Patrick's Day...

Green is one of those colours
which elicit a strong emotional response.
This fascinating colour,
represented in nature in 
millions of variations of tone,
evokes variations of emotion 
depending on its hue.
The seawater~green pendant light
and the lime~leaved flowers,
bring a kiss of marine freshness 
to a demure grey and ivory scheme.
From the same hotel {Crown, Melbourne}
more kisses of green are used like sophisticated jewels
against the rich, dark masculine tones.
 And are lightened in the pool area, 
with a playfulness captured in the cushions.
Serene, yes?
From serene to wild!
In a witty modern interpretation of 
a dry cleaning shop.
A vibrant lime yellow/green positively
jumps against the elegant charcoal, 
to instantly grab the attention of 
shoppers strolling by. 
While a pale pistachio green evokes
a sense of gilded aged delicacy, 
with a fragile beauty that speaks glowingly,
as if illuminated from within. 
Emerald and kelly green scream out 
"I'm alive!"
While earthy greens are warmer and quieter.
A glazed, barely~there watery green 
creates a still atmosphere, 
one of repose and thought,
in this restaurant by Hecker Guthrie.

 And perfect to quiet oneself at the end 
of the day, in this hotel in Brisbane,
the little green cabinet uses the same 
hue of watery sea green.

So, with a different hue of green, 
we get a different emotional response.
Clever little colour, isn't it?
I think the Irish are onto something! 

Images: 1 bathroom by Austin & Associates, Melbourne; 2 & 14 source unknown;
3,4 & 5 Crown Hotel, Melbourne; 6,7,& 8 Maurice Dry Cleaners, Sydney, by Snell design;
9 Bando headband; 10 via flickr; 11 & 18 Mor Cosmetics; 12 South of Market; 13 & 15  Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011 opening party; 16 Grace the Establishment, Adelaide, by Hecker Guthrie; 17 Spicers Balfour Hotel, by Coop Creative


  1. Wonderful post.....the boxwoods and yews around my house are getting that fresh new lime colored growth for spring.....just looking at them changes my mood......k

  2. SO many lovely shades of green...i love the green in the first image so well with the grey of the floor...lovely post virginia! xx meenal

  3. This is just beautiful - Happy St. Patricks day!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog - that made my day. Your blog is stunning, so I will follow you back.<3
    A xx

  4. Great selection to represent the rainbow of green. I love that bathroom in the first image.

  5. I'm addicted to the colour orange and i think green is right next in line! Love the array of green that you featured in this wonderful post! XX

  6. Emerald and Kelly are a brilliant couple! You really rolled out the RED carpet for GREEN 2day! Love that you touched on the most valued shades of a most lush and seasoned color XO, Kelly

    P.S. Thank you for your comment! I think might be the only one who was feeling the no pic vibe. Appreciate that! :D

  7. Dear friend, thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I am glad to find your blog as well. It's beautiful and I will enjoy following it!
    I am so glad I came here! Have a wonderful weekend!


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