Mar 11, 2011

Darkly Delicious like Melting Chocolate

Sometimes, the most wonderfully alluring spaces
are darkly delicious.
For me, this house by Wolveridge Architects,
has all the luscious appeal of a box 
of seriously good dark chocolates.
There are carefully framed views out.
And carefully framed views within. 
Oiled timbers and moody~toned finishes 
to reflect the dramatic beauty of the bushland around it.

Can we even call this a bathroom?
Sounds a bit flippant.
Perhaps a bathing gallery? Yes, that's better.
The storms can roll in across the valley,
it doesn't matter; 
because we are snuggled up tight inside. 
And just like a good chocolate, 
concealing secret caramel lusciousness inside, 
this kitchen is, well, delicious. 

Just like a box of good, dark chocolates. 
Would you like a bite?

Images: Wolveridge Architects, Melbourne.


  1. This post is truly delicious, Love the fact that it doesn't pass onto the hips after a moment on the lips!

  2. It is hip to be square and this is why you want to go there! Thanks for the chocolate squares niblets :) XO, kelly

  3. I love that kitchen with a pop of yellow!! hope to see you on my blog someday soon!! have a great weekend!! xx meenal

  4. Most spectacular and yes, very chocolatey indeed.
    Love the hefty pop of yellow in the kitchen.
    Cheers, Alcira

  5. Really I like a lot!!!
    Is absolutely delicious the square wooden wall!

  6. A bite,,,I'm devouring the entire box!!! I'm dying over those dining room chairs,,and that end block timber wall!! And I think the hit of yellow in the space is briliant. Love it. Thanks for another wonderfully inspiring house tour. : )


  7. Beautiful house, a true dream.
    Amazing blog, what do you say about following each other?


  8. Great place! Love the contrast between the rustic and modern touches!
    Oh and those dining room leather chairs looks absolutely amazing! Have to put these on my list of 'WANTS':)!

  9. beautiful place! have a creative & lovely new week

  10. i would definitely like a bite, love this space! Very modern & rustic!

  11. Yes that is exactly it. A stunningly crafted box with a yummy and sensual inside. Such a special place!

    Thanks for sharing

    x Charlotta

  12. It is like chocolate. Sweet, delicious, deep ebony, and completely addictive!


  13. Oh, I have to agree with you, this house is "like a box of chocolates", Forrest would agree with us, too.
    If you allow, I'll steal this images, of course, with credit to you (sorry about my rusty english).

  14. I am coveting the leather directors chairs


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