Jan 14, 2011

portfolio update

Do you remember a while ago 
I mentioned that I was working on 
renovating a 1980s chocolate brown brick house?
Well, the guest suite is now finished, 
and you can see how the bold 
colour scheme has been used to 
inject some fun into a space
that is, after all, a holiday one. 
Repeating elements
{pennyround tiles in caramel, white & bronzed copper,
contrasted with warm oak timbers}
were used to pull the kitchenette, 
ensuite and window dining bar areas cohesively together.

And the fun colour scheme of 
Chartreuse & avocado greens with 
deep melted chocolate
is punchy with the glossy white mouldings 
which we had mounted around the walls 
for some fun. 

The guest room is such a success
that the clients' children have 
all but moved in there for their daily play,
which leaves the parents with a 
now very quiet main house! 


  1. This is fantastic!
    I love the warm tones, echoes of the organic and gorgeous penny tiles.


  2. Thanks so much for the comments on my kitchen reno! Also great to hear from the other side of the world....Count me in as a follower of your blog--I love seeing design from a different cultural perspective. P.S. Those rooms that are coated in the penny-rounds are DELICIOUS! Makes me feel happy just looking at them!

  3. How fun and fresh are you?! Keep posting, I want to see more!! That's so cool :) XO

  4. Virginia - you have turned 80's dreary into 10's fantastic (actually, when I typed that .. what do we call these years we are in ???? )

    Love the little round tiles - and the big round shades. No wonder they (and the kids) are happy. Great job. Are you doing the rest of the house - if so, can't wait to see the whole house (-:

  5. Virginia! Beautiful job on the 1980's reno! It is so fresh and spunky... If I had the money right now I'd totally buy it. Thank you for the wonderful comment on my Organized fashionista post :)

    I am a lover of architecture and interior design as well... not an architect, but the occasional admirer of a job well-done :)

    I gave you a follow! I hope more people stumble upon this blog :)

    Caryn, New Mexico, USA

  6. pennies from heaven, great job!

  7. The penny tiles are fantastic! Haven't seen those around here at all and they are so nice and different! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading yours!

  8. The pennyround tiles are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. x

  9. Ms. Virginia - happy new year to you! (I am slowly getting back to blog reality after a fun winter break).

    Those are teaser pictures! More, a lot more please! We all love renovation projects and this looks like a fabulous one. Really like the penny tiles.

    ox, Mon

  10. Happy new start on 2011!
    Love the round tiles, very unique and chique! Also love to see some splashing colors. Takes a lot of courage to paint in a color like that!
    Would love to see some more!
    Ps. I´m not kidding about the bed of nails, it´s amazing. Go try it some day!!!
    A happy weekend to you!

  11. Looks so great, really want to see more now..big fan of the penny round myself:)

  12. so sleek and wonderful. love those penny round tiles...

  13. Fantastic post! You really have an eye for design detail and what many would see as a period that is outdated and just rip out, you have seen something else and created a vision, a trip if you like, into the 1980s.

  14. I have taken a look to your projects and I am very impressed. Are so nice... Xxxx


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