Jan 31, 2011

Marvelous Monday

After a glorious weekend of sunshine, 
it's back to work today with a flurry of projects
to attend to, drawings to finish
and beautiful materials to source.
But I can't help thinking just how perfect 
the new Country Road collection 
is for a busy work day. 

This collection has just the right note 
of femininity and confident style 
for a perfect day at the office!
{And any one of these offices
would be pretty perfect too, 
don't you think?}

Images: Country Road new season collection;
gold desked home office via house and home;
office with a tree by Lerkenfeldt Photography;
yellow & gold office from Ugly Betty set via interiors.net.


  1. Hello and thank you for your comment today. x

    I agree.. Country Road is great. In fact I think they just keep on getting better. Loving these looks and can't help but look forward to Autumn. It's nice 'getting dressed' again after a long sunny, salty and sandy Summer..!

    x Charlotta

  2. I had a red dress just like that once. I was trying to be all uber modelish and really it looked like I got stuck in a red curtain and couldn't find my way out. I would be willing to try that last brown dress!

  3. The collection looks great for the sassy, stylish professional. Style Attic made me laugh with her comment and I can see how that would happen to those of us who are not models.

  4. I NEED one of those cape coats, badly! Just gorgeous! XX!

  5. the second outfit is something I would wear straign away :)
    beautiful post :)

  6. I need that cape trench too. seriously.

  7. What a beautiful collection...love the first dress!!

  8. the cape trench coats are SO stylish! beautifully tailored pant suit is a must have for every gals work wardrobe, the gray (wool? knitted?) vest underneath gives the suit a chic stylish face lift immediately!


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