Jan 25, 2011

Dining by candlelight by a rock....

Utterly romantic to dine by candlelight
at this unique hotel in Turkey, 
which has been carved from the surrounding 
beautiful rocky cliffs.
The Yunak Evleri 
is known as a "cave hotel", 
with some of the bedrooms 
originally carved out in the 5th century.
Unique, and perfectly, inescapably, romantic. 

Images: Yunak Evleri 5 star hotel;


  1. Have you been there?? Tell me you have so I have feel cool for knowing someone that has!! I still think you're great and so is this post ;) That really makes the last hotel I stayed in so unimpressive! Ha XOXO

  2. Oh Kelly you are adorable! I found this space the other day while looking for inspiration for an alfresco design I am working on ~ so haven't had a chance to put it in the "must get to" list ~ but it is working it's way onto the list pretty damn fast!

  3. Stunning! I would love to be vacationing there right now. Especially since it’s dark and snowy where I am!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad to have found yours :)



  4. How spectacular. I have never visited Turkey but my husband has and quite liked it. I am now fascinated to know more about this 'cave hotel' You had left me the kindest of comments today and I must thank you sincerely. I'm thrilled to have found yours and I will be following from here on. Sending best wishes from Texas; Oh and Happy Australia Day.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  5. What a spectacular hotel and so unusual...thrilled to find and follow your beautiful blog!!

  6. Virginia Blue - you have tinkled me pink with all your nice comments lately. I'll be making the others green with envy taking up all your time.

    Have a lovely weekend (-:

  7. this place is incredible. who knew such a thing existed!

  8. Virginia, these images are spectacular. I often hear the word "exotic" and don't get the same feeling but these definitely speak the word to me.
    Thanks for your great comment today (you're right about the honeysuckle in art. It is inspiring!).

  9. This looks like an unimaginably fantastic destination! It does look very romantic.

  10. Now I know where to go next time I am in Turkey! What a perfect spot. Almost lik visiting another planet. <3


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