Jan 28, 2011

A Coastal, Summery Weekend

Looking forward to a gloriously 
summery, sunny weekend in Melbourne.
Just the kind of long golden days 
that beg to be spent by a languid pool,
or perhaps in a treehouse by the water...
With days this beautiful, 
why not dance around the pool?

Images: 1.Alannah Hill collection; 2.treehouse restaurant experience, in the Dining Pod 
at 6 Senses, Thailand; 3. photo by Mortum Holton; 
4.Beach house in Alabama by Riber Stern architect; 5.photo by Jean Philippe Piter; 
6. Jill Sandler handbag; 7. photo by Miha Matai Photography


  1. j-e-a-l-o-u-s! Please dance for me while I am rolling around on the floor in a parka :o Truly I am happy for you...ooops I just pushed you in the pool, ha! XOXO Kel

  2. Well Kelly it has been a DISGUSTINGLY cold summer here so far, so I am captivated by the thought of a summery weekend at long last. (At this rate, it will be autumn before we get a tan....)

    But I deserve being pushed into the pool for my comments ~ so here we go ~ splash!....

    Cheerio, Virginia

  3. Writing from a cold, grey and wintry Sweden this sounds quite exotic to me and I would totally transport myself right away to the other side of the globe if I was able to:)!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Thank you for lovely comments and following. I am thruly honored <3
    I love the photos, specially the outdoor curtains with the bord at the end. They are so Ancient-Rome-Chic!

  5. 42C. here tomorrow Virginia - bring it on! I had my electric blanket on twice last week, much to MOTH's despair!
    Millie x

  6. how fab - count me in :) le xox

  7. Hi, these are such lovely, summery images. Isn't it lovely to finally have a summer weekend!!

  8. such beautiful images! happy weekend!

  9. It's so hot here in Brasil, we're practically melting, so I'm jealous of your cold summer.
    What a beautiful sellection you have here.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on our blog, I'm following you too.
    Have a nice weekend.

  10. Can't wait for spring/summer. It's so cold here in the Netherlands!

  11. You do find the most stunning images Virginia! Hope it was a glorious sunny weekend.... : )

  12. I'd love to be whisked away to some coastal place right now! I hope your summery weekend was marvelous-i'm sure it was:-). These images were such a treat too! XX

  13. It was a grey and rainy weekend here so your post is a remembrance of the beautiful warm sunshine that we're missing. Ahhh, summer!


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