Oct 6, 2010

Oh it's orange! Must be October!

What's not to adore about orange in all of its glorious vibrancy? 
Rusty tangerine; palest spring-kissed peach; 
deep, lusciously-dark spiced vermilion - all are full of life and spirit. 
And when combined with earthy greens and greys, 
with perhaps just a hint of golden glamour,
it has a sophistication all of its own.

Photo credits: 1 & 4: myvintagevogue.com; 2: Murmuri Hotel, Barcelona; 3 & 5: Legoretta, Spain, via 1st Option; 6: orange diy bow via howaboutorange; 7: Scarlet Hotel, Singapore; 8: clutch from Love Me and Leave Me; 9: The Tides, Southbeach by Kelly Wearstler; 10: unknown source; 11: roses from Blue Fruit's garden last summer; 12: Laduree le Bar, Paris.


  1. Not only do I like...I LOVE! Great edits :)

  2. Another classy effort, VB! Clearly Red October is out out out and Orange October is in.

  3. My heart is going pitter patter right now, racing away with excitement! I cannot get enough of orange and you just made my day so much brighter with this post-thank you! xx

  4. As I look at my orange carpet (bought in Turkey), my orange throw (bought in India) and my orange table cloth (a 1970s piece stolen from my grandmother's home) I'm thinking how wonderful it is that someone else has noticed what a fabulous colour it is. Thank you for sharing Virgina. I know you have exceptional taste!

  5. Really loving the orange walls in the kitchen and the idea of the bow out of magazine paper...

    Thanks for your comment today...since you're in Australia, you can see our house in France in House Beautiful but I will post it on the blog later on today. Have a great day!


  6. What a lovely blog! Thank you for popping by mine. I love all of this wonderful orange eye-candy in this post :)

  7. Being a child of the '70's I overdosed on orange (& mission brown & olive green), so I avoid it these days. However, I absolutely love orange & tangerine colours in lipsticks & nail polish! Lovely to have you visit The Hedge Virginia.
    Millie ^_^

  8. Be still my heart! Not only is October my favorite month of the year but Grace Kelly!!!! aaaaah ... made my day!
    Oooh and that Orange coat! Makes me wish that Winter would just get here sooner!

  9. I love orange, reminds me of Hermes! One of my favorite colors to decorate with and to wear! Your blog is gorgeous, happy to find you, happy to be your newest follower!

  10. I love that very very big bed! And the kitchen is divine! Kellie xx

  11. What beautiful shots. I adore that photograph of Grace Kelly...she's so beautiful and the very epitome of elegant.

  12. Such gorgeous images. I especially love orange paired with grey, so sophisticated. Orange is definitely the signature colour for October - and is my favorite month!!! Right now outside my window the trees are ablaze in every possible shade of orange you can imagine, the leaves are so vibrant they look as if they're illuminated. Its glorious....

  13. Your blog is amazing! I will follow you.
    I got to you through CASA TRES CHIC. I am also from Brazil. Hope you can come and visit my blog too.



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