Sep 7, 2010

Cantilevered wonders

Always in love with anything that cantilevers seemingly impossibly...

Like this dramatically exciting swimming pool, which simply "grows" out of the organic architecture, with all structure concealed in the concrete. 

Gravity is impudently tested here, where the floor platform echoes the roof platform, sort of a giant icecream sandwich really....
and still the steel structure is hidden inside smooth, smooth concrete....

These 3 play with the "flatness" of the void below - by using unexpected shapes or materials to visually anchor the cantilever. 
The flimsy red poles - such an incongruous match for the massive structure which they cheekily pretend to support - are an irreverent nod to the force of downward pressure.

Cantilevered elements can be arresting in landscape design, too, like this pear-shaped urn which is just too tempting to go and prod with a gentle poke, just in case it rolls over...

After all, there is just something SO irresistible about pushing the limits of gravity...we never really grow up, do we???

Photo credits: 1 & 3. Denton Corker Marshall, house at Yarra Valley, Victoria; 2. Ensamble Studio & Anton Garcia Abril, Hemeroscopium House, Greece; 4. JCB Architects, house at Cape Schank, Victoria; 5. Odos Architects, Wicklow Hills House; 6. Power Unit Studio, the Y house; 7. Deborah Silver Landscape Design; 8. Yr Hafod, scout resort at Snowdonia, Wales.


  1. That's AMAZING! well, all of the pics are! I think the first and the last pics are my favorite!

  2. These are cleverly designed architecture! Enjoy a beautiful day, Kellie xx


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