Aug 19, 2010

Rain, Rain everywhere - must have a Winter Wonderland Dinner Party...mmm...

While the northern hemisphere is reveling
in the last, lazy lingering Summer days and balmy nights,
in Melbourne we are snuggling up in the last of the crisp Winter days.
Days are suddenly longer - but the nights are still wet and freezing!
A wonderful chance to cosy up
in front of a roaring log fire - listening to the rain on the roof.

And the rain...the wettest year in over a decade in Melbourne...

... so the swirling mass of necessary umbrellas gave me a fab idea for a dinner party...

The invitation sat in the envelope
so that the top of the umbrella peeked out.
The graphics set the theme and forewarned the guests
that they had to come dressed in Winter White.

The cream-attired guests and their
White Lady cocktails with umbrellas.
A flurry of furs, pearls and white suits. This was seriously vintage!

This is the collection that dressed up the table -
I scrambled anything and everything that I could find
that was Winter White or simply Wonderful White...  

All the food on the menu was white or cream...
harder than I anticipated actually, 
but lots of fun to source. 
A selection of cream-hued nibbles was served 
with the White Lady cocktails, 
then we moved to the dinner table for 
Baked White Fish in Fillo pastry Parcels, 
served with Roasted Pears (roasted with Balsamic, honey & macadamia oil) 
and baby tartlettes of potato gratin. 

I printed the menu cards and placed them on the table 
in little price ticket holders (available from shopfitting stores). 

Dessert was a buffet of snowy white desserts: 
panna cotta, poached pears, vanilla & 
maple syrup cake with lofty whipped cream.
 We finished off with yummy white Raffaello chocolates 
and White Russian cocktails. 
(I suspect that nobody ate another bite for the next week...)

A really fun idea - and one I will use again -
was to print the place name cards as a 3-d triangle shape.
Each side held a guest's name and the name of a food course.
One side was Entree, one was Main and one was Dessert.
It meant that everyone had to change their seats for each course,
and it lead to much hilarity as grown-ups scrabbled to find their names.

Well that was a truly wonderful evening...
themed dinner parties work so well 
when there is a great guest mix. 
Wonder what theme I will spring on my 
gorgeous unsuspecting friends next....
ooh, spring is just around the corner... that gives me a fab idea....


  1. What a beautiful post!So many creative ideas and it looked like a fun time! Thanks for sharing and happy Friday to you.

  2. What a lovely dinner party with fabulous details and so much effort went into it too which is always nice when you're a dinner guest! I bet your guests had a great time! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

  3. Oh how I LOVE theme dinner parties, they're so much fun for the host and guests!!! Such creative ideas you had - this looks like it was such a wonderful evening, all the details....I could just envision being there.

  4. Hello, so happy to meet you! It's lovely to get a new follower/comment only to discover a new blog and friend!
    Love your blog and especially this post. What a fabulous party you put together. All the details were wonderfully executed and from the look on your guests faces,.. most enjoyed and appreciated!
    I'll be back soon :)


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