May 7, 2010

When a building exudes calm....

Interesting how contrast of textures, contrast of light and dark, and contrast of solids and voids, can create a sense of quiet in a building. A sense of satisfaction, really.

This facade, of a tasty house up for sale in Beaumaris (one of Melbourne's bayside suburbs) is the work of architect Jeremy Wolveridge. While this style of cubic form - playing with cutout window corners - is not new, and harks back to the earlier Russian works of the young 20th century, this house is a very pleasingly balanced example, and is truly a beautiful piece of sculpture. It's easy to play with these forms, but not so easy to get it right.

Inside, I love the detail in the kitchen joinery which echoes the wonderfully caressed corners on the facade. And just a gorgeously richly-timbered kitchen too!

In the living room, I love that the focus is not so much on the wow view, but instead on achieving a vibrant living space which screams cocoon! Curling up in this room, on a wild winter's day with a storm raging on the bay outside, with a delicious glass of Drambuie and a good book - well, it doesn't get much better, does it?

Details of the sale of this treasure are at
Or contact the agent Christian Hegarty,at Buxton Sandringham, via their website.

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  1. Hey VB .... too bad about the horrible brush fence out the front butted up to the putty rendered wall. Wouldn't it have been much nicer to see a folded metal fence ...say in a lux copper or zinc... beautifully organic, tactile.... gradually beaten over time from weather and pedestrian...if only we all had the money.
    Hope you are well... was so great to see you and JD the other weekend. yannie xxx


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