Apr 7, 2010

Art Deco Glamour and THAT Paris Exhibition...

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night

I have just spent the most inspiring, 
indulgent Easter weekend in Canberra, 
ostensibly to allow my Eldest Darling Son 
to check out Australian National University 
as a potential spot for next year's imbibing of information, 
but which also gave us the perfect excuse 
to enjoy the Paris Exhibition.

Despite the horror stories of queuing for up to 3 hours, 
we were very lucky and managed to get in after 
a short wait of 20 minutes in the queue. 
 And no matter how long the queue - the collection is worth it! 
It's not the size of the collection that makes it fantastic 
- in fact it may be the small numbers that help 
create the feel of a private salon viewing - 
but it is the selection of the paintings 
which transported me to another time, another place, 
another world of historical glamour,
long gone...
Albert Besnard, Madame Roger Jourdain

Gorgeous, riveting painting
- but the wild and wonderfully scandalous (ultimately tragic)
life lived by the subject above makes a story
every bit as intriguing as the painting is beautiful.

These paintings appeared to be lit from within
- such is the quality of light and lightness
that emanates from the canvas. 
And one can only marvel at how exciting
that would have been in a world yet to discover
electric lighting and digital images.
Maurice Denis, The Muses

And a visit to such historical wonders was deliciously enhanced
 by a stay at the glamourously Art Deco historical abode in Canberra...

Dearest Darling Husband is here 
enjoying the finer things in life, 
aka afternoon tea in the courtyard 
of the decadence of deco - the Canberra Hyatt.

 Something about the colours of Art Deco
that just breathes elegance
- is it the creamiest of clotted creams,
the midnight darkness of black,
and the hints of dusky rose reds,
backlit by flashes of shiny chrome perhaps? 
I love it all, and it is a most elegant place to indulge in the wonderful calming institution of Afternoon Tea.

And finally, 
for the last word on historical glamour, 
who can go past the pure perfection of a bottle of No 5? 
Oh well, I did say the last word, 
but I just had to finish with a collection of gorgeous Old Fashioned roses blooming in the Canberra autumn 
- we are talking historical glamour, after all....

images: National Gallery of Australia,
Park Hyatt Canberra & Blue Fruit

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